Volumetric Specimen Imaging

Clarix Imaging VSI-360™

Clarix Imaging’s VSI-360™ generates a true 3D image of the specimen in real-time, and its advanced software tools allow users to visualize the tumor in thin image slices without overlapping tissues obscuring the margins.

Touchscreen Display

Large, medical display with glove compatible touch control

Compact Design

The smallest specimen radiography system for the operating room

Specimen Loading

The specimen is loaded via a motorized door and the scan is fully automated

Shielded Chamber

Over shielded imaging chamber prevents any leaked radiation

CLARIX IMAGING Augmented reality (AR)

Experience VSI-360™

Scan the QR code to experience True 3D


Unique Benefits that Put VSI at a Different Level


Produces true 3D images with unprecedented clarity


Tracks specimen orientation with high precision


Minimal training required to operate device and read images


Fits seamlessly into the current OR workflow

A recently published study in the Annals of Surgical Oncology demonstrated 91-94% sensitivity and 81-85% specificity in correlating VSI results to post-surgical pathology1. A recent meta-analysis found that 2D specimen radiography, the current gold standard, has a sensitivity of ~532.
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  2. St John, Edward Robert et al. “Diagnostic Accuracy of Intraoperative Techniques for Margin Assessment in Breast Cancer Surgery: A Meta-analysis.” Annals of surgery vol. 265,2 (2017): 300-310.