Join us during Monday's presentation

Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI) for true 3D lumpectomy margin assessment
Monday, May 16, 2022
12:15 pm – 12:35 pm
Savannah International Trade & Convention Center
Product Theater in the Exhibitor Hall where lunch is served
1 International Dr.
Savannah, GA 31421

We are excited to sponsor a presentation by Dr. Kirti Kulkarni, MD at this year's SBI Symposium as she discusses Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI) for true 3D lumpectomy margin assessment.

What Will Be Covered in the Presentation

Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI) is a novel intraoperative technology for high-resolution true 3D imaging of surgical specimens. Compared to 2D specimen radiography and tomosynthesis, VSI generates a fully 3D (i.e., CT) image in real-time, allowing for multiplanar (MPR) viewing as well as advanced volume rendering visualization by surgeons and radiologists.  

VSI offers the highest clarity thin slice cross-sectional images available which eliminate overlapping effects thereby elucidating subtle masses and micro-calcifications; this is especially beneficial for occult lesions and cases with dense breast tissue.  

During this session at SBI 2022, we will introduce the technical working principles of VSI, highlight its advantages over specimen x-ray and tomosynthesis, and share some of our early experiences and results with the breast imaging community. For more information on how Clarix Imaging is bringing true 3D clarity to specimen imaging, visit our homepage.